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You deserve more than one choice. Choose A Simpler Mortgage.

52 lenders compared

Why settle for only 1 option from your bank? We shop and compare with 52 different lenders to find the mortgage product, term and rate that’s right for you.

$500 Rate Guarantee

We don't play games with 'teaser' rates. Instead, we provide today’s best available rate. If you find a lower rate, we’ll match it or pay you $500.
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Extraordinary Experience

We keep you informed every step of the way, right up to closing. And because we don’t work banking hours, you can reach us anytime - even on weekends.


G Gillespie

Super responsive! Provided objective advice that saved us time and money. Highly recommend!

Tim Landry

Very helpful! Sean helped simplify the whole process, provided quick feedback and advice wherever required. My wife and I will surely recommend him to others.

Everyone would like the lowest possible interest rate for their mortgage.

That’s a no brainer. However, saving 0.1% on your mortgage rate won’t help you if you choose a mortgage with the following:
  • wrong mortgage type
  • Wrong mortgage term
  • Portability limits
  • Inflexible repayment options
  • Refinancing restrictions
  • Hidden fees & charges
Avoiding these mistakes can save you thousands of dollars. Choose A Simpler Mortgage and we’ll help you select the mortgage product that best matches your home ownership needs and goals.